Alsabeel Noor Al-Islam


Welcome to San Francisco Alsabeel Islamic Bookstore! 

Alsabeel Bookstore - Serving the intellectual, spiritual and cultural needs of all. Located at 48 Golden Gate Ave, San Francisco, CA, 94102

We care many books and material in Arabic, English, Spanish languages including: 

Classics & Contemporary

  • Qur'an translation and explanation
  • Prophet's (PBUH)
  • biography and sayings (hadith)
  • Great works by Imam Ghazali and Others
  • Hundred of titles covering Islamic thought, spirituality and contemporary issues
  • Many books ideally suited for sharing with others who have little knowledge of Islam
  • hundred of books in Urdu and Arabic


  • Curricula-based textbooks and workbooks at various grade levels covering Qur'an, Prophet's (PBUH) biography, Arabic language and literature
  • Stories of prophets and other moral stories
  • songs and shows in audio and video
  • Toys and learning aids such as coloring books and language blocks for girls and boys

Muslim Culture

  • Traditional and modest clothes for women and men
  • Prayer rugs, caps, perfume, incense, beads and other traditional items
  • Art Objects including wall hangings, calligraphy scrolls,and display pieces
  • Clocks, wristwatches and other electronics
  • Table-top books covering culture and history