Alsabeel Noor Al-Islam


Noor Al-Islam school  is providing education program year long every Saturday and during Summer 6 days a week from 10 AM to 3PM.

Noor Al-Islam School vision is to educate and inspire all students to develop the Islamic Character and gain knowledge and act upon it. Our vision guides our teaching approaches to enable our children to love the Deen of Allah (SWT) through in depth understanding of our aqeedah.

Noor Al-Islam School  mission is to provide Islamic Education Supplemental Program for student 4 to 12 year of age in Qur’an recitation and memorization, Arabic Language and Islamic Education. The program emphasizes proficiency in Qur’an recitation and provides structured and progressive instructions on mastery level. 

Islamic Study teaching approach follows the example of Rasool Allah (SAAW) in education. The school puts emphasis on Iman and Manners. We teach concepts of Iman and Manners using stories and discussions. It also uses the unique attributes of Allah (SWT), the example of Rasool Allah (SAAW) from Seerah, Prophets and Sahaba. 

Noor Al-Islam School program puts emphasis on proper Arabic Language pronunciation during Arabic Language and Qur’an recitation and Tajweed classes. Arabic phonics is taught in the early grades followed by challenging Arabic Language curriculum syllabus and Qur’an recitation and Tajweed.

To register your child simply fill the online application and one of our representative will reply back to you:  Online registration for Class